November 16, 2013 | Science News



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In the Nov. 16 SN: Prosthetics get a sense of touch, Comet ISON’s approach, detecting disease on a person’s breath, pink fairy armadillos, a promising treatment for Ebola and more.

November 16, 2013

  • Science Stats

    Uninhabitable Earth

    A recent estimate of the lifetimes of the habitability zones of Earth and various exoplanets suggests Earth could become unable to support life as soon as 1.75 billion years from now, when the sun brightens before dying out.
  • Reviews & Previews

    Love and Math

    Early in his career, mathematician Edward Frenkel had a secret love. He worked diligently on applied mathematics but would sneak away to indulge in the seductive problems of pure mathematics. Frenkel recounts his maturation from a young boy plagued by anti-Semitism in the USSR to a leader in his field.

  • 50 Years Ago

    Seek Meningitis Vaccine

    Vaccine that will prevent meningitis is being sought.

    When found, it would solve the problem of meningitis outbreaks among military recruits.... After 24 years of successful prevention against meningococcal disease ... specific strains of Neisseria meningitidis have become resistant to the sulfonamides usually used for treatment or prevention....

    Although meningococcal bacteria were handled easily until after World War II, resistance to sulfadiazine is showing up and could lead to serious conditions, even epidemics in public schools.

  • Letters to the Editor


    Readers respond to "Solving soot," trade-offs of horn size for male Soay sheep and the huge galactic explosion story from 50 years ago.