October 9, 2004 | Science News

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  • News

    Car deaths rise days after terror attacks

    A spike in automobile fatalities in Israel 3 days after each of a recent series of terrorist attacks reflects a delayed, population-wide reaction to those violent incidents, two researchers propose.
  • News

    More space sugar

    Astronomers have found a second, colder source of the simple sugar glycoaldehyde in a dust and gas cloud 26,000 light-years from Earth.
  • Feature

    They're Sequencing a What?

    Announcements of new targets for genome sequencing are bringing celebrity to lesser-known twigs on the tree of life.
  • Feature

    Vitamin Boost

    Vitamin D is being linked to a host of health benefits that go well beyond stronger bones, extending to muscle preservation and some protection against cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.