September 17, 2005 | Science News

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    French site sparks Neandertal debate

    Radiocarbon analyses of material from a French cave indicate that Neandertal and modern human occupations of the site overlapped around 36,000 years ago, possibly explaining why Neandertals began to employ some new toolmaking techniques around that time.
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    The river's rising: A depressing effect

    When the Amazon River swells in flood each rainy season, the immense weight of the water causes Earth's surface in the region to sink dozens of centimeters.
  • Feature

    Oral Exams

    Scientists are taking advantage of the components in spit to develop new, saliva-based diagnostic tests.
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    The Wind and the Fury

    New research suggests that, as global warming proceeds, hurricane winds will gain speed and the storms will dump more rain, but controversy lingers as to how much more violent the storms will become and when they will occur.