September 2, 2000 | Science News

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    Study gives new answer for muddy mystery

    Geologists provide evidence that quartz silt in ancient seabeds doesn't come from eroded land rocks, but rather from the dissolved skeletons of tiny primitive creatures, possibly altering the fossil record and changing models of prehistoric climate and ocean geography.
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    Carotid surgery stands test of time

    Surgery to remove blockages from the carotid artery in the neck has lasting effects against stroke over several years and even provides some benefit when it's delayed.
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    Neutron stars twist Einstein's theory

    Astronomers may finally have found evidence of a key prediction of Einstein's general theory of relativity—that a spinning object drags space-time along with it.
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    NIH OKs work on stem cells

    The U.S. government opened the door for U.S. scientists to receive federal funding for research on stem cells from human embryos.
    16 years ago