1. Physics

    Obama pledges 3 percent of GDP for research

    Pledges for big budget increases for research, permanent tax credits for reseach by industry and more were announced today.

  2. Climate

    EPA says greenhouse gases ‘endanger’ health

    Featured blog: New ruling is a likely first step toward federal moves to cut tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide and more.

  3. Tech

    Urban Heat: Recycling waste heat

    In the United States, only about one-eighth of the fuel people burn is converted into useful work. Recycling such wasted heat could be one of the best solutions to problems posted by growing cities.

  4. Climate

    CO2 Rising: The World’s Greatest Environmental Challenge by Tyler Volk

  5. Climate

    Chinese carbon dioxide emissions eclipse efficiency gains

    A boost in manufacturing and construction in China led to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions that outstripped any gains from increased energy efficiency.

  6. Physics

    Science Stimulus

    Barack Obama has proven to be an impresario at selling new policies — and at selling himself as the best man to implement them. On the stump a year ago he promised a no-nonsense, let’s-fix-this approach to the nation’s mounting social and economic ills. His campaign pledges ranged from making health care insurance universally affordable […]

  7. Climate

    Obama’s budget would boost science

    Featured blog: Here's a preview of what science programs the Obama administration plans to push in the coming year's federal budget.

  8. Climate

    Hot carbon storage

    New field studies show Africa’s tropical forests have stored carbon in recent decades.

  9. Humans

    AAAS: Climate-friendly fish

    Many intangibles determine how big — or small — the carbon footprint is of that fish you're thinking about eating.

  10. Earth

    AAAS: Climate-friendly dining … meats

    The carbon footprints of raising livestock for food.

  11. Climate

    The hidden costs of better fuels

    Whether crop-based biofuels will reduce greenhouse gas emissions depends on how, and where, they're grown.

  12. Humans

    AAAS: March of the Hungry Penguins

    Patagonian penguins have become sentinels of climate change and human impacts on the marine world.