1. Earth

    West Coast Shimmy: Smack from space triggered landslides along Pacific Coast

    Scientists say they've found the first evidence along the Pacific Coast of massive landslides triggered by the impact from space 65 million years ago that's suspected to have wiped out the dinosaurs.

  2. Earth

    Study links dioxin to breast cancer

    A new study finds support for the long-proposed hypothesis that dioxin, a hormonelike pollutant, can trigger breast cancer in heavily exposed women.

  3. Earth

    Monsoon Warning: Data hint at wet and blustery future

    Asian monsoons have been intensifying over the last 400 years, and they're slated to get worse.

  4. Earth

    A Stinging Forecast: Model predicts chance of encountering jellyfish

    Weather forecasters usually prognosticate precipitation, pollen, and poor air quality, but in some areas, they could soon provide beachgoers with the probability of confronting a jellyfish.

  5. Earth

    Study links cancer to Vatican Radio

    Broadcast transmissions from a forest of antennas owned by Vatican Radio, outside Rome, appear to have boosted leukemia incidence in neighboring communities.

  6. Earth

    Crisis on Tap?

    Because people are becoming ever more dependent on underground aquifers as sources of water, scientists are striving to understand better how groundwater systems interact with the water that flows across Earth's surface.

  7. Earth

    Liquid Assets

    Research provides guidance on how best to bank water during times of plenty for use during subsequent droughts

  8. Earth

    Backyard burning is recipe for dioxin

    A few rural households burning trash may generate more toxic dioxins than a major, properly operated municipal incinerator.

  9. Earth

    Major mood swing alters Pacific character

    The temperature of the North Pacific Ocean has apparently veered from one extreme to the other—a change that could alter North American weather for the next decade or two.

  10. Earth

    Tomato compound repels mosquitos

    New insect repellents based on a compound that contributes to the smell of crushed tomato leaves are under development.

  11. Earth

    Teenage Holdup: Pollution may delay puberty

    A new study of adolescents suggests that widespread environmental pollutants such as PCBs and dioxins may delay sexual development.

  12. Agriculture

    Killer bees boost coffee yields

    Even self-pollinating coffee plants benefit substantially from visits by insect pollinators.