1. Rethinking psychedelics and mental health

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the growing scientific interest in psychedelics as a treatment for mental health problems such as depression and PTSD

  2. How analogies can make complex science clear

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses how analogies can help break down complex science concepts, such as a new particle accelerator that will search for rare isotopes.

  3. Looking back on science can refocus our attention

    Special projects editor Elizabeth Quill shares her thoughts on how the history of science can help us sharpen our focus on its future.

  4. Good things come to astronomers who wait

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the long-awaited launch of the James Webb Space Telescope and an update on our SN 10: Scientists to Watch.

  5. black and white photograph of Edwin Hubble looking into a telescope
    Science & Society

    The Top 10 scientific surprises of Science News’ first 100 years

    In the 100 years since Science News started reporting on it, science has offered up plenty of unexpected discoveries.

  6. A desire for knowledge on many science fronts

  7. What can science tell us about living a good life?

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses what science can tell us about finding fulfillment, even in disastrous times

  8. Debate over Pluto’s planet status still carries on

    Managing editor Erin Wayman discusses the challenges of classification in science, from Pluto's planet status to the definition of life.

  9. Creating a ‘science of us’ has been a contentious effort

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the evolution of behavioral science research over the past century.

  10. A century of exploring the endless final frontier

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses a century of astronomy and scientists' search for worlds beyond our own

  11. Steven Weinberg sitting in front of a chalkboard covered in equations

    With Steven Weinberg’s death, physics loses a titan

    The Nobel laureate advanced the theory of particles and forces, and wrote insightfully for a wider public.

  12. Tasking trees with averting the climate crisis is a big ask

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses whether planting trees can help us avert the climate crisis, or if it is another quick-fix gimmick.