1. Animals

    ‘Epic Yellowstone’ captures the thriving ecosystem of the world-famous park

    A new documentary series about Yellowstone displays the dynamic, dramatic and exciting ecosystem that thrives within the park’s gates.

  2. Earth

    Will Smith narrates ‘One Strange Rock,’ but astronauts are the real stars

    Hosted by Will Smith, ‘One Strange Rock’ embraces Earth’s weirdness and explores the planet’s natural history.

  3. Anthropology

    ‘First Face of America’ explores how humans reached the New World

    New documentary shows how an ancient teen and an infant have illuminated scientists’ understanding of the peopling of the Americas.

  4. Climate

    ‘Killer Hurricanes’ reconstructs the past to predict storms of the future

    Geologists find clues to the future of deadly hurricanes, written in stone and sand, in the new NOVA documentary “Killer Hurricanes.”

  5. Planetary Science

    ‘Death Dive to Saturn’ celebrates the Cassini probe’s accomplishments

    A new documentary, “Death Dive to Saturn,” takes a look back at the Cassini spacecraft’s 13 years at Saturn and what to expect from its final days.

  6. Astronomy

    Nostalgic Voyager documentary relives first exploration of the solar system

    A new TV documentary is a tender tribute to Voyagers 1 and 2, which launched 40 years ago and were the first spacecraft to visit the outer solar system.

  7. Physics

    The drama of Albert Einstein’s life unfolds in the new series Genius

    Science takes a back seat in National Geographic’s series Genius, which focuses more on politics and Albert Einstein’s love life.

  8. Animals

    Documentary looks for meaning in Koko the gorilla’s life

    'Koko — The Gorilla Who Talks' documents the nearly 45-year relationship between researcher Penny Patterson and Koko, the subject of an ape sign language project.

  9. Astronomy

    Stephen Hawking finds the inner genius in ordinary people

    Ordinary people wrestle with big questions in science and philosophy in Genius, a new television series hosted by Stephen Hawking.

  10. Life

    ‘Wild Ways’ showcases need for wildlife corridors

    The TV documentary 'Wild Ways' shows how wildlife corridors bridge the gap between isolated populations of animals.

  11. Tech

    ‘Rise of the Robots’ chronicles race to build disaster-relief bots

    NOVA’s “Rise of the Robots” lays out the difficulties of making humanoid robots that can help out in disasters.

  12. Life

    ‘Racing Extinction’ documents plight of endangered species

    The new documentary "Racing Extinction" offers hope that people can halt the sixth mass extinction.