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2010 Science News of the Year: Nutrition

2:02pm, December 17, 2010

Credit: Krasowit/Shutterstock

Fish oil packs a punch
Omega-3 fatty acids are turning up in plenty of promising reports, but some tests fail to show a benefit. Reported anti-inflammatory effects of the compound may help to shake out just how these nutrients boost health. High levels of omega-3s are found in fish oil from cold-water species and in walnut and flaxseed oils.

Scientists report that people with sepsis, a lethal inflammatory overreaction triggered by a blood infection, fare better if they get fish oil rather than soybean oil (SN: 2/13/10, p. 14). Other researchers find that ample omega-3 in the blood can protect the ends of chromosomes, helping cells live longer.

On the cancer front, fish oil and its anti-inflammatory cargo of omega-3s seem to guard against breast cancer (

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