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50 Years Ago

Claim of memory transfer made 50 years ago

Excerpt from the August 21, 1965 issue of Science News Letter

3:00pm, August 6, 2015

MIND MELD  Scientists' claims in the 1960s of transferred memories in rats were more fiction than fact.

Memory Transfer Seen — Experiments with rats, showing how chemicals from one rat brain influence the memory of an untrained animal, indicate that tinkering with the brain of humans is also possible.

In the rat tests, brain material from an animal trained to go for food either at a light flash or at a sound signal was injected into an untrained rat. The injected animals then "remembered" whether light or sound meant food.

Science News Letter, August 21, 1965


After this report, scientists from eight labs attempted to repeat the memory transplants. They failed, as they reported in Science in 1966. 

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