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Editor's Note

Coffee serves up surprising health benefits

9:00am, September 23, 2015

The office coffee machine is exactly 20 strides from my desk chair — I make the trip a bit too frequently (and gleefully). Or so I assumed. Coffee, that wonderful elixir and productivity booster, the fuel of every editor’s note I have written for this magazine, seemed so good that something about it must be bad.

Reinforced by at least one well-publicized study on how coffee can raise blood pressure, I didn’t doubt that line of thinking, however puritanical. But then biomedicine writer Nathan Seppa pitched a story on the health benefits of coffee. I gave it a thumbs-up before I even heard what those benefits were.

The result describes the accumulating evidence for how coffee can boost health, especially in the liver (who knew?). It also shows the limits of

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