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6:15pm, January 6, 2004

Let's kick it around

"The Shape of Space" (SN: 11/8/03, p. 296: The Shape of Space) cites reports that the shape of the universe is that of a soccer ball. An image in the article shows that the soccer ball appears as a mirror image of itself when viewed through each of its faces. If the universe were a finite bubble and there were an infinite number of universe bubbles packed tightly together, wouldn't the bubbles be changed into soccer-ball shapes by pressing against one another? And if you were inside of one of these bubbles, wouldn't it appear that you were looking at a mirror image of your bubble repeated infinitely?

Stephen Meredith
New Paltz, N.Y.

A dodecahedral universe? Shades of Johannes Kepler.

Stephan Waters
Falls City, Ore.

Bad news

"Bioengineered crops have mixed eco effects" (SN: 11/15/03, p. 317: Bioeng

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