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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the June 10, 2006, issue of Science News

7:14pm, June 6, 2006

Know the drill

Could it be that the ancient teeth discovered with drill marks but no signs of fillings ("Mystery Drilling: Ancient teeth endured dental procedures," SN: 4/8/06, p. 213) were drilled to relieve abscesses? On a long holiday weekend years ago, a dentist opened and drained an abscess for me until I could get back home to my regular dentist. It relieved the pain almost instantly.

David Watt
Glasgow, Scotland

What smells?

Although I love finding out about how traits supposedly unique to humans are shared by animals, I don't see how the experiment in "Hummingbirds can clock flower refills" (SN: 4/15/06, p. 237) demonstrates episodic memory in hummingbirds. How is this not the simple sensing (smelling) of the sugar drink in the syringes?

Yvonne Lyerla
Sonoma, Calif.

Researcher T. Andrew Hurly says tha

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