Vol. 169 No. #23
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More Stories from the June 10, 2006 issue

  1. Earth

    Deep-sea action

    Scientists using remotely operated vehicles have reported the first close-up observations of a deep undersea volcano during its eruption.

  2. Zits in tubeworms: Part of growing up

    Young tubeworms pick up the live-in bacteria they need for nutrition in a rite of passage that starts with a skin infection.

  3. Chimps lead way to HIV birthplace

    A viral analysis confirms that the global AIDS epidemic originated in chimpanzees living in southeastern Cameroon.

  4. Health & Medicine

    For women, weight gain spells heartburn

    A study of more than 10,000 women suggests that weight gain is associated with heartburn.

  5. Hand gels falter

    Alcohol-based gels may not effectively eliminate from people's hands a type of virus that causes millions of cases of diarrhea worldwide each year.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Dive suits could spread disease

    Divers' wetsuits can harbor bacteria that cause diseases in coral and people.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Can supplements nix kidney stones?

    The majority of commercially available probiotic supplements don't degrade the compound that forms kidney stones.

  8. Cooked garlic still kills bacteria

    Cooked garlic can kill bacteria, but less efficiently than raw garlic does.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Homegrown Defender: Urinary infections face natural guard

    Specialized peptides produced by cells lining the urinary tract stand guard as the first line of defense against bacterial infection.

  10. Astronomy

    Mini Solar Systems? Astronomers find disks around planet-size objects

    Disks with the potential to form planets, or at least moons, have been found orbiting objects outside the solar system that themselves are no heftier than planets.

  11. Animals

    Walking on Water: Tree frog’s foot uses dual method to stick

    The tree frog can cling to both wet and dry terrains, despite its permanently lubricated foot.

  12. All the Rage: Survey extends reach of explosive-anger disorder

    A mental disorder that encompasses a wide range of recurring, hostile outbursts, including domestic violence and road rage, characterizes considerably more people than previous data had indicated.

  13. Health & Medicine

    Ancient Wisdom: Chinese extract may yield diabetes treatment

    A plant extract used in traditional Chinese medicine could form the basis for new treatments for type 2 diabetes.

  14. Animals

    Leggiest Animal: Champ millipede located after 79-year gap

    A millipede species that can grow up to 750 legs has turned up in California after decades with no sightings.

  15. Earth

    Toxic Tides: Another reason to worry about hurricanes

    The hurricanes that struck Florida in the summer of 2004 also may have triggered an intense, widespread, and long-lasting red tide that afflicted the state's west-central coast throughout 2005.

  16. Math

    Springfield Theory

    Over many years, the popular animated TV series The Simpsons has included numerous references to mathematics on the show.

  17. Chemistry

    Gritty Clues

    Archaeologists are tying chemical signatures found in the soil to past human activity.

  18. Humans

    Letters from the June 10, 2006, issue of Science News

    Know the drill Could it be that the ancient teeth discovered with drill marks but no signs of fillings (“Mystery Drilling: Ancient teeth endured dental procedures,” SN: 4/8/06, p. 213) were drilled to relieve abscesses? On a long holiday weekend years ago, a dentist opened and drained an abscess for me until I could get […]