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Letters to the Editor

Readers debate ethics of resurrecting extinct species

Your letters and comments on the October 28, 2017 issue of Science News

3:36pm, November 29, 2017

Culture club

The book Rise of the Necrofauna tackles the challenges of using gene-editing tools to bring woolly mammoths and other long-gone species back from the dead. These “de-extincted” creatures would have to contend with a radically changed world that includes new habitats and diseases, Tina Hesman Saey wrote in her review “Resurrecting extinct species raises ethical questions” (SN: 10/28/17, p. 28).

Readers online had a lot to say.

“You can bring these animals back physically, but many animal species also have culture and cultural evolution,” reader Greg wrote. “How are we to resurrect that?”


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