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Website invites you to probe a 3-D human brain

Interactive organ offers introduction to neuroscience

7:00am, January 9, 2018
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BRAIN TOUR  An online, interactive 3-D brain offers an introduction to the organ’s structures.

In movies, exploring the body up close often involves shrinking to microscopic sizes and taking harrowing rides through the blood. Thanks to a new virtual model, you can journey through a three-dimensional brain. No shrink ray required.

The Society for Neuroscience and other organizations have long sponsored the website, which has basic information about how the human brain functions. Recently, the site launched an interactive 3-D brain.

A translucent, light pink brain initially rotates in the middle of the screen. With a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger on a mobile device, you can highlight and isolate different parts of the organ. A brief text box then pops up to provide a structure’s name and details about the structure’s function. For instance, the globus pallidus — dual almond-shaped structures deep in the brain — puts a brake on

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