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Yasser Roudi: Creating maps in the brain

Physicist sifts through brain’s vast data dump

10:52am, September 22, 2015
Yasser Roudi headshot

SIGNAL SEARCHER  Physicist Yasser Roudi is gleaning new insights into how the brain processes information.

Yasser Roudi, 34
Norwegian University of Science and Technology | Computational Neuroscience
Graduate school: SISSA in Trieste, Italy

Your senses are bombarded by constant information — sounds, colors, shapes and ever-changing motion — yet you don’t notice most of these things. The brain has figured out ways to pay attention to relevant information and ignore distractions.

How the brain does this is not fully understood, but physicist Yasser Roudi says one thing is clear: “It’s about information processing in a very chaotic environment that’s full of signals.”

Roudi is figuring out how

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