Vol. 164 No. #5
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More Stories from the August 2, 2003 issue

  1. Physics

    Antiglare eye black is better than tape

    Black grease that athletes smear under their eyes to control the glare of the sun really helps them discern contrast; what's more, it works better than black tape, a newer antiglare aid.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Anthrax toxin curbs immune cells

    A toxin produced by the anthrax bacterium suppresses cells that launch the body's immune response.

  3. Animals

    The secret appetite of cleaner wrasses

    The little reef fish that nibble parasites off bigger fish that stop by for service actually prefer to nibble the customers.

  4. Animals

    Some female birds prefer losers

    When a female Japanese quail watches two males clash, she tends to prefer the loser.

  5. Animals

    Maybe what Polly wants is a new toy

    Changing the toys in a parrot's cage may ease the bird's tendency to fear new things.

  6. Animals

    Why do two-sex geckos triumph?

    Just the smell of an invasive species of gecko suppresses egg laying and subdues aggression in a resident.

  7. Astronomy

    Repulsive Astronomy: Strengthening the case for dark energy

    Astronomers have found new evidence that a mysterious substance, dubbed dark energy, is ripping the cosmos apart, causing the universe to expand at an ever-faster rate.

  8. Earth

    Extracting Estrogens: Modern treatment plants strip hormone from sewage

    New research helps explain why state-of-the-art sewage treatment facilities are more effective than conventional plants at removing certain sex hormones from sludge.

  9. Physics

    Fast Findings on Fluid Frenzy: Taking turbulence models to a new level

    A new way to simulate turbulence by including some of the microscopic, molecular properties of fluids is influencing automobile design and may soon affect many other fields.

  10. Untangling the Brain: Enzyme counters Alzheimer’s-like snarls

    The enzyme Pin1 prevents brain cells from developing harmful protein deposits called tangles.

  11. Materials Science

    Worm’s Jaws Show Mettle: Zinc links may inspire new materials

    New analyses of the jaws of marine worms may lead scientists to better ways of making synthetic materials.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Transplant Hope: New thymus tissue jump-starts immune system in babies

    A thymus tissue transplant enables babies born with DiGeorge syndrome to develop functional immune systems.

  13. Turbo Gene: Getting a speed boost from DNA

    A gene known as ACTN3 may influence whether athletes are better suited to sprinting or to endurance running.

  14. Earth

    Air Sickness

    Studies have begun showing subtle but substantial harmful effects in outwardly healthy people who regularly breathe hazy air.

  15. Old Worms, New Aging Genes

    The genes and hormonal signals that regulate life span in worms may do the same in people.