August 24, 2013 | Science News



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    The Autistic Brain

    For one little girl profiled in Grandin’s latest book, putting on pink sunglasses makes shopping trips tolerable. Like many with autism, she finds stores visually overwhelming: Shining lights appear to shoot streams of sparks, and words on signs jiggle. Tinted lenses can quell the sensory overload.

  • Reviews & Previews

    The Attacking Ocean

    The threat of rising seas is not new. Since the last Ice Age began windingdown 15,000 years ago, the ocean has ascended 120 meters in a series of pulses. But when the world was thinly populated, small bands of hunter-gatherers could pick up and go when the sea surged. Now that hundreds of millions of people are settled in crowded coastal cities, the rising seas predicted for a warming world are more dangerous than ever, argues Fagan, an archaeologist.