December 13, 2003 | Science News



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  • News

    Nanoparticles hunt down and kill tumors

    Gold nanoparticles, injected into mouse tumors and exposed to light, have been found to destroy cancer cells, a treatment approach that may one day offer an alternative to surgery.
  • News

    Hints emerge of a four-quark particle

    Previously observed only in twos, threes, and perhaps in fives, quarks and antiquarks in a newfound particle may have glommed together to form a never-before-seen foursome.
  • Feature

    Warm-Blooded Plants?

    Research heats up on why some flowers have the chemistry to keep themselves warm.
  • Feature

    Ketones to the Rescue

    Medical researchers are investigating a slew of possible applications for acids called ketones, which the body produces naturally when deprived of carbohydrates and protein.