Vol. 161 No. #7
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More Stories from the February 16, 2002 issue

  1. Plants

    Tropical plants grow cool flowers

    Tropical plants that position their flowers in the general direction of the sun are keeping the temperature comfortable for pollinators.

  2. Animals

    Yellower blue tits make better dads

    The yellow feathers on a male blue tit's breast could tell females that he'll be a good provider for the chicks.

  3. Women whiff men in sniff proficiency

    Women of reproductive age exhibit a unique ability to learn to detect specific smells with great sensitivity, an aptitude that may reflect the activity of female hormones in the brain.

  4. Astronomy

    UV telescopes: One dead, one revived

    One ultraviolet observatory burned up in Earth's atmosphere late last month while another has gotten a new lease on life.

  5. Materials Science

    Scientists make nanothermometer

    A carbon nanotube filled with gallium can be used to measure temperatures in microscopic environments.

  6. Chemistry

    A new molecule and a new signature

    In two independent discoveries, chemists have prepared a new form of nitrogen and captured the infrared spectrum of an unusual molecule made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Low birth weight matters later, too

    Premature babies weighing less than 1.5 kilograms at birth grow up to have lower achievement scores on standard tests and are less likely to go to college than are full-term babies weighing more than twice as much.

  8. Materials Science

    Better Stainless: Analysis could bring pits out of the steel

    The key to developing pit-resistant stainless steel is to correct the dearth of chromium atoms around inclusions in the alloy.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Antibody Warfare: Vaccine halts microbes in dialysis patients

    A vaccine protects many kidney-dialysis patients from blood infection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium.

  10. Ecosystems

    Biodiversity Hot Spots: Top 10 sea locales make sobering list

    Biologists have identified the world's most vulnerable coral reefs, each with organisms found nowhere else and threatened by human influence.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Vitamin Void: Heart disease may lurk in B12 deficiency

    Meatless eating typically improves cardiovascular health, but a dietary shortage of vitamin B12 may lead to an overabundance of the amino acid homocysteine in some vegetarians, which could pose a risk to their hearts.

  12. Astronomy

    X-Ray Universe: Quasar’s jet goes the distance

    Collisions with photons left over from the birth of the universe appear to have generated the longest X ray-emitting jet ever found in a distant galaxy.

  13. Cool Discovery: Menthol triggers cold-sensing protein

    A cell-surface protein that lets ions flow into cells responds to menthol and cool temperatures.

  14. Disorder Decline: U.S. mental ills take controversial dip

    Far fewer people suffer from mental disorders requiring treatment than was initially indicated by two national surveys.

  15. Tech

    Itsy chain turns bitsy gears

    A tiny chain with links the size of biological cells offers a new way to deliver power to micromachines.

  16. Health & Medicine

    Alzheimer’s vaccine trial is suspended

    A drug company in Ireland has halted tests of an experimental vaccine for Alzheimer's disease.

  17. Anthropology

    A Fair Share of the Pie

    A cross-cultural project suggests that people everywhere divvy up food and make other economic deals based on social concepts of fairness, not individual self-interest.

  18. Health & Medicine

    The Hunger Hormone?

    Scientists may have finally found the body’s dinner bell.