June 23, 2001 | Science News



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    Perfecting Porosity

    Researchers are designing novel porous materials that could clean up toxins, store gases, or catalyze difficult chemical reactions.
  • Feature

    An Illuminating Journey

    Astronomers are beginning to use the cosmic microwave background, the remnant glow from the Big Bang, in a dramatically different way: Instead of treating it as a snapshot of the early universe, researchers are proposing to employ the radiation as a flashlight that probes the evolution of structure in the universe over its entire 13-billion-year history.
  • News

    Forget about jet lag, and much more

    Airline flight attendants with chronic jet lag have higher stress hormone concentrations and smaller temporal lobes (centers of short-term memory in the brain)than do more rested attendants.
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    Babies may thrive on wordless conversation

    Although unable to say a word, 4-month-olds coordinate the timing of their vocalizations with those of adult partners in conversational ways that may have implications for social and intellectual development.
    16 years ago
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    Leukemia overpowers drug in two ways

    Researchers discover why the anticancer drug Gleevec, also called STI-571, helps many patients who have chronic myelogenous leukemia but not those who have entered the crisis stage of the disease.