June 9, 2001 | Science News



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    Geologists take magnetic view through ice

    A new map of the magnetic anomalies in Antarctica and the seafloor surrounding the continent is giving researchers a fresh tool to use in analyzing geologic features that lie hidden beneath thousands of feet of ice or storm-tossed seas.
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    Genetically altered cells ease hemophilia

    A gene therapy using skin cells that are genetically modified to make clotting proteins, multiplied in a lab, and reinjected into a person eases some bleeding in patients with severe hemophilia.
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    Endangered condors lay first eggs in wild

    A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist has spied a trio of California condors, released to the wild from captive-breeding programs sometime over the past 6 years, attending a pair of eggs.
    16 years ago
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    Survey Probes Cosmos from Near to Far

    Early reports from the most mammoth sky surveys ever conducted are yielding a trove of findings, including the two most distant quasars known in the universe, new knowledge about the large-scale clumping of galaxies, and more evidence about the size and distribution of asteroids in our solar system.
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    Pitching Science

    A new computer model of baseball pitching helps give pitching robots humanlike abilities and may have enabled engineers to solve a half-century-old puzzle of baseball science.