Vol. 165 No. #21
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More Stories from the May 22, 2004 issue

  1. Astronomy

    Windy endeavor

    In early April, an Earth-orbiting satellite closed its doors after more than 2 years of collecting ions from the solar wind.

  2. Two egg cells make fatherless mouse

    By fusing two egg cells, researchers have created a mouse with no father.

  3. Earth

    Filtered air cuts down mutations

    Microscopic particles in the air may mutate the DNA of sperm.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Herbal erection pills may be spiked

    Some pills marketed as herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction contain drugs that should be available only by prescription.

  5. Neurons slow down for placebo effect

    A placebo treatment temporarily quelled symptoms of Parkinson's disease in six people by decreasing the electrical activity of brain cells crucial to the condition.

  6. Astronomy

    Before the big one hits

    The next time you hear about an asteroid or comet about to hit Earth, you can go to a new Internet site to find out where the collision will be and how much damage will occur.

  7. Archaeology

    Guatemalan sites yield Maya insights

    Excavations at three archaeological sites in Guatemala have provided new insights into both the early and late stages of ancient Maya civilization.

  8. Paleontology

    Rare English bits are oldest known charcoal

    Analyses of small black chunks of material extracted from 420-million-year-old rocks found along the England-Wales border suggest that they're remnants of the earliest known wildfire.

  9. Astronomy

    Old Stars Even Older: Determining a new age for the universe

    Using particles accelerators to mimic the conditions inside stars, two independent research groups have found evidence that the most-ancient known stars are about a billion years older than astronomers had estimated.

  10. Pot on the Spot: Marijuana’s risks become blurrier

    A research review challenges the assumption that scientists have demonstrated a causal link between teenage marijuana use and later psychological and behavioral problems.

  11. Plants

    Wind Highways: Mosses, lichens travel along aerial paths

    Invisible freeways of wind may account for the similarity of plant species on islands that lie thousands of kilometers apart.

  12. Breeds Apart: Purebred dogs defined by DNA differences

    The most thorough DNA analysis yet of purebred dogs suggests that canine breeds can also be discerned genetically with great accuracy.

  13. Materials Science

    Branching Out: Semiconducting nanotrees could boost electronics

    Forests of semiconducting nanotrees could form the basis of future solar cells, low-energy lighting, and other optical or microelectronic devices.

  14. Earth

    A Portrait of Pollution: Nation’s fresh water gets a checkup

    Virtually all of America's fresh water is tainted with low concentrations of chemical contaminants, according to a new nationwide study.

  15. Humans

    Young Talent on Display: Tomorrow’s scientists and engineers win recognition, rewards

    The three top winners of the 2004 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair hail from high schools on different continents.

  16. Anthropology

    Humanity’s Strange Face

    New fossil finds in a Romanian cave fuel controversy over whether different, closely related species interbred on the evolutionary path that led to people.

  17. Astronomy

    Dark Doings

    A slew of new and proposed experiments, ranging from the cosmic to the subatomic scale, may shed light on why the expansion of the universe is speeding up.

  18. Humans

    Letters from the May 22, 2004, issue of Science News

    Further options “Surgical Option: Hysterectomy may top drugs for women with heavy bleeding” (SN: 3/27/04, p. 196: Surgical Option: Hysterectomy may top drugs for women with heavy bleeding) doesn’t mention that 13 to 20 percent of women with heavy menstrual periods have a common but often undiagnosed bleeding disorder called von Willebrand disease. Because this […]