November 2, 2013 | Science News



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The sun's recent funk, color-changing squid, lab-grown glands, giant Martian volcanoes, the rosy side of feeling blue, and more in the November 2 issue.

November 2, 2013

  • Reviews & Previews

    My Brief History

    If all physicists could explain their work as well as Stephen Hawking explained black holes in his 1988 best seller A Brief History of Time, science writers would have to find other work. The British theorist’s new book proves that he is nearly as adept at writing about himself.

  • Reviews & Previews

    Our Final Invention

    Computers already make all sorts of decisions for you. Imagine if the machines controlled even more aspects of life and could truly think for themselves.
  • The –est

    Oldest pitch-drop experiment

    The allure of pitch — a black tarlike hydro-carbon by-product of distilling petroleum, wood or coal — comes from its split personality: It shatters from a quick hit with a hammer, but flows if set aside for long periods.
  • Feature

    Quiet maximum

    By almost any measure, this solar maximum has been pathetic. No more than 67 sunspots have appeared in a month so far; at the last peak, in 2000, that number was above 120.