November 8, 2003 | Science News



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    POPs treaty enacted

    A new United Nations treaty that seeks to phase down or eliminate production and use of 16 persistent, toxic pollutants has gone into effect.
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    Underwater balancing act

    Researchers have identified a gene that influences the growth of crystals in the inner ears of zebrafish and found that modifying this gene can cause the fish to lose their sense of gravity.
    14 years ago
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    Bone-dry Mars?

    The presence of large amounts of olivine, a mineral that undergoes rapid chemical transformation when exposed to liquid water, argues against ancient oceans or lakes on Mars.
  • Feature

    Martian Invasion

    If all goes according to plan, three spacecraft—one in December, two in January—will land on the Red Planet, looking for evidence that liquid water once flowed on its surface.
  • Feature

    The Shape of Space

    The debate over the shape of space has taken some new twists with the analysis of satellite snapshots of the universe's temperature waves.