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    Sky Cycles

    Created at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, this Web site features middle-school classroom activities with an atmospheric cycles theme. Topics include climate, greenhouse effect, global climate change, and ozone. Go to:

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    Big dam in China may warm Japan

    Construction of the Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze River in China may lead to warmer temperatures in Japan, because any diversion of water for Chinese agriculture could initiate convection in the Japan Sea that brings warmer water to the surface.

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    Toxic runoff from plastic mulch

    By laying sheets of plastic across their fields, farmers can bring crops to market faster while reducing their vulnerability to many blights (SN: 12/13/97, p. 376). On the negative side, however, this polymer mulch creates impermeable surfaces over more than half of a planted field. That significantly increases the amount of rain and pesticides that […]

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    Lasers show atmosphere differs from models

    New observations of the middle and upper atmosphere over Earth's polar regions may require scientists to revamp their mathematical models of temperature and other environmental conditions at high altitudes.

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    Oops! Tougher arsenic rule retracted

    The new EPA administrator has delayed by 60 days the implementation of a final rule issued by the Clinton administration lowering the amount of arsenic allowed in drinking water.

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    How polluted we are

    Most people carry traces of toxic pollutiants, including metals, pesticides, and phthalates.

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    Microbes put ancient carbon on the menu

    Scientists have found microorganisms within Kentucky shale that are eating the ancient carbon locked within the rock, a previously unrecognized dietary habit that could have a prevalent role in the weathering and erosion of similar sedimentary rock at many other locations.

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    Ancient tree rings reveal past climate

    Using tree-ring analysis, an international team of researchers has reconstructed the earliest record of annual climate variation.

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    POPs in the butter

    Governments may be able to monitor trends in the release and transport of persistent organic pollutants by sampling butter.

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    Leaden calcium supplements

    Consuming calcium along with lead limits, and may prevent, the body's absorption of the toxicant.

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    Thick ice scraped rock bottom in Arctic

    Scuffs, scrapes, and gouges found atop undersea plateaus and ridges in the Arctic Ocean suggest that kilometer-thick ice shelves covered much of the ocean there during some previous ice ages.

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    A quick recovery after dinosaur deaths

    Evidence from 65-million-year-old sediments suggests that a single impact from space wiped out the dinosaurs and that ecosystems recovered from the trauma in only a few thousand years.