1. Animals

    ‘Fathom’ seeks to unravel humpback whales’ soulful songs

    The film ‘Fathom’ on Apple TV+ follows the quest of researchers on the ocean’s surface to decipher the eerie symphony of humpback whale calls below.

  2. Climate

    ‘The Human Element’ makes the impacts of climate change feel real

    Photographer James Balog puts a human face on the impacts of climate change in the documentary The Human Element.

  3. Astronomy

    The Neil Armstrong biopic ‘First Man’ captures early spaceflight’s terror

    At a time when NASA is considering how to return astronauts to the moon, ‘First Man’ is a sobering reminder of how risky the first giant leap was.

  4. Paleontology

    What ‘The Meg’ gets wrong — and right — about megalodon sharks

    A paleobiologist helps Science News separate shark fact from fiction in the new Jason Statham film The Meg.

  5. Science & Society

    Actress Hedy Lamarr laid the groundwork for some of today’s wireless tech

    ‘Bombshell’ tells the story of Hedy Lamarr’s double life as a Hollywood starlet and tech inventor.

  6. Math

    Hidden Figures highlights three black women who were vital to the U.S. space program

    "Hidden Figures" tells the untold story of the "human computers" who were essential to the launch of the U.S. space program.

  7. Cosmology

    ‘Voyage of Time’ is Terrence Malick’s ode to life

    With “Voyage of Time,” director Terrence Malick brings the history of the universe — and the evolution of life on Earth — to the big screen.

  8. Paleontology

    Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ resurrects giant extinct ape

    Disney’s latest version of ‘The Jungle Book’ features Gigantopithecus, the largest known ape ever to have lived.

  9. Planetary Science

    ‘The Martian’ is entertaining science fiction rooted in fact

    With NASA’s help, filmmakers made story of astronaut stranded on Mars believable.

  10. Tech

    ‘Ex Machina’ explores humanity as much as AI

    Sci-fi thriller delves into hubris and power relationships.

  11. Computing

    ‘The Imitation Game’ entertains at the expense of accuracy

    Inaccuracies weaken “The Imitation Game,” an otherwise enjoyable film about Alan Turing breaking the Enigma code during World War II.

  12. Cosmology

    ‘The Theory of Everything’ reveals Stephen Hawking’s personal side

    A new film explores love and science in the life of physicist Stephen Hawking.