Gene mutation tied to lung cancer

8:13am, April 17, 2002

From San Francisco, at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research

Scientists have found a gene on chromosome 19 that's often mutated in people with lung adenocarcinoma, a kind of cancer responsible for about half of all lung tumors.

The gene, called LKB1/STK11, was mutated in 8 of 24 lung adenocarcinoma tumors that the researchers analyzed but was normal in all 17 samples of other types of lung tumors, says Montserrat Snchez-Cespedes, who was part of the team that made the discovery at Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions in Baltimore.

Scientists have identified few mutations linked to lung cancer, says Snchez-Cespedes, now at the Spanish National Cancer Center in Madrid. LKB1/STK11 encodes a protein that appears to be a tumor suppressor, but the protein's precise function remains unknown, she says.

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