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Immune traits may identify lucky kidney-transplant recipients

Tests find a genetic signature that may delineate people who could drop immune-suppression therapy

12:43pm, May 25, 2010

Certain immune-system characteristics may explain why some kidney-transplant recipients can stop taking immune-suppressing drugs without rejecting their new organs, two new studies show.

Doctors might someday use these biological traits — specifically a genetic “signature” found in these unusual patients — to discern which kidney recipients might be able to get off these harsh drugs. But that day hasn’t arrived yet, the scientists caution. 

The two reports, published online May 24, will appear in the June 1 Journal of Clinical Investigation. A third report in the same issue identifies other genetic signatures that may be useful for identifying those kidney recipients most likely to undergo transplant failure. The findings might help doctors determine optimal treatment, says study coauthor Philip Halloran, a nephrologist at the University of Alberta in Canada.

More than half of kidney transplants from deceased dono

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