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Molecules/Matter & Energy

3-D effects without the glasses, plus portable X-rays and linking qubits in this week’s news

8:31am, April 10, 2011

Glasses-free 3-D
A new type of hologram provides a 3-D image without glasses. And unlike many traditional holograms, this one comes in color. Current 3-D television technologies rely on overlapping images to give the illusion of depth. But the new technique, developed by Japanese scientists and published in the April 8 Science, uses white light to energize electrons in a thin film of metal. This energy reveals a hologram pre-etched by lasers into a second, overlying layer. Colorful apples, roses and origami cranes created this way maintain their appearance when seen from different angles, unlike the kinds of holograms used on credit cards. —Devin Powell

X-rays rubbed out

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