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50 Years Ago

Space tourism's price tag rockets upward

Excerpt from the September 19, 1964, issue of Science News Letter

6:39pm, September 4, 2014
Virgin Galactic's White Knight and Space Ship Two

BUCKS FOR BLASTOFF  The cost of space tourism today, such as on Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShipTwo, has far surpassed 1960s projections.

Rocket Fares to be High for Space Passengers — Passengers traveling to a space station 300 miles above the earth by 1980 will have a speedy but expensive trip…. Such a vehicle could become operational by 1975, if a program were begun by 1967.… The estimated $11,700 round trip fare would apply only after the passenger system has been operating for several years, engineers said. This fare would not cover the original research and development costs, which would raise the per passenger rate to $49,500. — Science News LetterSeptember 19, 1964


Space tourism took nearly 40 years to become reality, but the price

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