Greener water splitter for hydrogen fuel designed

A new water splitter, which produces hydrogen for fuel cells, works without requiring fossil fuels or precious metals.

Ilena Gecan/FLICKR (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Guest post by Nsikan Akpan

A new water splitter powered by a single AAA battery could reduce the carbon pollution created from making hydrogen fuel cells, scientists report August 22 in Nature Communications.

Cars running on hydrogen fuel cells produce zero emissions, but currently, factories must use fossil fuels, such as natural gas, or precious metals, such as platinum, to harvest the hydrogen. The new device relies on a metallic blend of nickel and nickel oxide nanostructures, which help split water into oxygen and hydrogen fuel. Both cheap and readily available, these nanostructures could save hydrogen fuel producers billions of dollars, while making a green energy source even greener, the team says.

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