August 18, 2001 | Science News



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    Accelerators load some new ammo: Crystals

    To make denser accelerator beams that may open new doors in physics, researchers have chilled ions in a miniature test accelerator until the ions coalesced into crystals.
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    Deep-sea gear takes wild ride on lava

    When a set of instruments monitoring an underwater volcano got trapped in an eruption in early 1998, the scientists who had deployed the sensors ended up with more data than they bargained for.
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    Drugs Counter Mad Cow Agent in Cells

    Fueled only by promising studies of cells, a California research team has invited controversy by beginning to give a little-used malaria drug to patients who have the human version of mad cow disease.
  • Feature

    Vaccine Verity

    Widely publicized concerns about vaccination leading to autism, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes have not been borne out by research.
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    A Ticklish Debate

    Paleontologists engaged in a contentious debate about the origins of feathers often reach interpretations that are poles apart, and they defend their views with fervor.
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    Bush favors some stem cell research

    President Bush said he would support work on stem cells that already had been propagated from embryos otherwise fated for disposal in fertility clinics, but he opposes financing the destruction of additional embryos to create new cell lines.