August 25, 2001 | Science News



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    L.A. moves, but not in the way expected

    Researchers monitoring small ground motions along faults in Southern California ended up detecting an altogether different phenomenon: the rise and fall of the ground as local governments pump billions of gallons of water into and out of the region's aquifers.
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    Shocks jolt jet set galaxy, X rays reveal

    A new image of the nearby galaxy Centaurus A reveals the first details of a phenomenon associated with the core of many galaxies: a huge jet of high-energy particles shooting out from a supermassive black hole.
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    Psychopaths may come in two varieties

    Preliminary evidence suggests that some psychopaths, who exploit others and commit crimes without guilt or remorse, avoid criminal conviction by relying on a heightened emotional sensitivity to risky situations.
    16 years ago
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    Window Opens into Strange Nuclei

    By creating peculiar atomic nuclei that contain not just protons and neutrons but also pairs of rare nuclear particles with so-called strange quarks inside, researchers are shedding new light on the fundamental structure of matter and how it behaves under extreme conditions, as in neutron stars.