Vol. 158 No. #29
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More Stories from the December 23, 2000 issue

  1. Humans

    Science News of the Year 2000

    A review of important scientific achievements reported in Science News during the year 2000.

  2. Planetary Science

    Ganymede May Have Vast Hidden Ocean

    A combination of images, spectra, and magnetic field measurements suggests that in addition to Jupiter's moon Europa, another Jovian moon, Ganymede, may also have had—and might still harbor—an ocean.

  3. Earth

    Salmon puzzle: Why did males turn female?

    Most of the spawning female Chinook salmon in one part of the Columbia River appear to have started life as males.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Drugs counteract irritable bowel syndrome

    Antibiotics can knock out bacteria overload in the small intestine, temporarily reversing irritable bowel syndrome.

  5. Animals

    Birds may inherit their taste for the town

    Tests switching cliff swallow nestlings to colonies of different sizes suggest the birds inherit their preference for group size.

  6. Math

    Proof clarifies a map-folding problem

    Researchers have developed an efficient algorithm to determine, given a collection of creases on a piece of paper, whether a sequence of simple folds produces a flat result, like a folded road map.

  7. Chemistry

    Researchers stretch for improved surfaces

    A surprisingly simple, new technique could create better coatings for everything from medical implants to ship hulls.

  8. Tech

    Ink-jet dots form transistor spots

    A new technique makes ink-jet printing of transistor circuits possible from conductive polymer inks.

  9. Great tits inherit egg spots from mom

    An unusual study of eggshell spots suggests that there may be a gene for spottiness on the great tit's female sex chromosome.

  10. Nightlife: Marsupial meets mistletoe

    A tiny marsupial in Argentina turns out to disperse mistletoe seeds, a job once presumed to be for the birds.

  11. Paleontology

    Subway dig in L.A. yields fossil trove

    Fossil finds made when a subway line was extended from Los Angeles into the San Fernando Valley include bones of mastodons, ground sloths, extinct bison and camels, and 39 new species of fish.

  12. Math

    Visions of Infinity

    Tiling a hyperbolic floor inspires both mathematics and art.

  13. Plants

    Botany under the Mistletoe

    Twisters, spitters, and other flowery thoughts for romantic moments.

  14. Humans

    Rodent Run

    Four little DNA-modified rats go to market.