October 14, 2000 | Science News


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    Goo's melting could keep battery cool

    Using the sometimes dangerous heat of lithium batteries to melt wax or similar materials may keep the potent cells cool enough for safe use in electric vehicles while also boosting the batteries' performance.
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    Electron cloud mirrors fossil life-form

    Remarkable molecules whose electron clouds would resemble now-extinct marine creatures called trilobites could appear in experiments on ultracold atom clouds known as Bose-Einstein condensates, theorists predict.
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    Intimate violence gets female twist

    An analysis of data on relationship violence in the general population finds that, excluding murder and sexual assaults, women prove slightly more likely than men to commit one or more aggressive acts against a partner—though men are more likely than women to inflict injuries that require medical help.
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    What's Worth Saving?

    A fracas over a biological term could have huge consequences for conservation.