1. Animals

    Nearly 200 Great Barrier Reef coral species also live in the deep sea

    There are more coral species lurking in the deep ocean that previously thought. That could be good news for their shallow water counterparts.

  2. Oceans

    Volcanic eruptions that depleted ocean oxygen may have set off the Great Dying

    Massive eruptions from volcanoes spewing greenhouse gases 252 million years ago may have triggered Earth’s biggest mass extinction.

  3. Climate

    Warm tropical Atlantic waters juiced the 2017 hurricane season

    Anomalously warm ocean waters in the tropical Atlantic Ocean drove 2017’s hurricane powerhouses.

  4. Oceans

    A massive net is being deployed to pick up plastic in the Pacific

    As the Ocean Cleanup project embarks, critics remain unconvinced that scooping up debris is the best way to solve the ocean’s plastic problem.

  5. Animals

    A gentoo penguin’s dinner knows how to fight back

    Cameras attached to gentoo penguins off the Falkland Islands revealed that, despite the birds’ small size, their lobster krill prey can sometimes win in a fight.

  6. Climate

    Chances of an Atlantic hurricane season busier than 2005’s are slim — for now

    The 28 named tropical storms that swirled through the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 is about as many as the region can produce in a year.

  7. Oceans

    Beaked whales may frequent a seabed spot marked for mining

    Grooves in the seafloor may signal that whales visit a region that is a prime target for future seabed mining.

  8. Oceans

    Viruses may help phytoplankton make clouds — by tearing the algae apart

    Sick phytoplankton shed their calcium carbonate plates more easily than their healthy counterparts, which could play a role in forming clouds.

  9. Earth

    Why sea level rise varies from place to place

    The impact of global sea level rise varies regionally, thanks to these factors.

  10. Climate

    As waters rise, coastal megacities like Mumbai face catastrophe

    For coastal megacities like Mumbai, rising seas and weather chaos linked with climate change threaten economic and social disaster.

  11. Paleontology

    What ‘The Meg’ gets wrong — and right — about megalodon sharks

    A paleobiologist helps Science News separate shark fact from fiction in the new Jason Statham film The Meg.

  12. Earth

    The giant iceberg that broke from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is stuck

    A year ago, an iceberg calved off of the Larsen C ice shelf. The hunk of ice hasn’t moved much since, and that has scientists keeping an eye on it.