1. Oceans

    The largest seaweed bloom ever detected spanned the Atlantic in 2018

    Nutrient-rich water from the Amazon River may be helping massive seaweed mats to flourish each summer in the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. Oceans

    The world’s fisheries are incredibly intertwined, thanks to baby fish

    A computer simulation reveals how one nation's management of its fish spawning grounds could significantly help or hurt another country's catch.

  3. Oceans

    Tiny plastic debris is accumulating far beneath the ocean surface

    Floating trash patches scratch only the surface of the ocean microplastic pollution problem.

  4. Climate

    The Southern Ocean may be less of a carbon sink than we thought

    The Southern Ocean’s ability to suck up much of the carbon that humans pump into the atmosphere is in question.

  5. Animals

    Endangered green sea turtles may be making a comeback in the U.S. Pacific

    The numbers of green sea turtles spotted around Hawaii, American Samoa and the Mariana Islands have increased in the last decade.

  6. Microbes

    A global survey finds that the Arctic Ocean is a hot spot for viruses

    Scientists mapped virus diversity around the world’s oceans. That knowledge may be key to making better climate simulations.

  7. Earth

    Warm, dry winds may be straining Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf

    Wind-induced melting that occurred during the Antarctic autumn may be accelerating the Larsen C ice shelf’s collapse, which could raise sea levels.

  8. Climate

    Antarctica’s iceberg graveyard could reveal the ice sheet’s future

    Drilling deep into the seafloor beneath Antarctica’s “Iceberg Alley” could reveal new clues about how quickly the continent has melted in the past.

  9. Climate

    What happens when the Bering Sea’s ice disappears?

    Record-low sea ice in 2018 sent ripples through the Bering Sea’s entire ecosystem. Will this be the region’s new normal?

  10. Oceans

    Tiny bits of iron may explain why some icebergs are green

    Scientists originally thought the green hue of some icebergs came from carbon particles. Instead, iron oxides may color the ice.

  11. Oceans

    Oceans that are warming due to climate change yield fewer fish

    Warming water due to climate change is diminishing sustainable fishery yields in the world’s oceans.

  12. Life

    Readers ponder mitochondria, Neandertal diets, deep sea corals and more

    Readers had questions about mitochondrial DNA, Neandertal diets, deep ocean corals and more.