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Cloning's ups and downs

3:01pm, January 15, 2002

There's been good news and bad news about cloning of late. On the worrisome side, one of the creators of Dolly, the world's first cloned mammal, report that the nearly 6-year-old sheep has developed arthritis in her left hip and knees. That's early for a sheep to show such a malady, and the report renews concern that cloning may accelerate aging (SN: 4/29/00, p. 279: Cloning extends life of cells—and cows?).

There's no way to confirm that the arthritis is attributable to cloning, cautions Ian Wilmut, one of Dolly's cloners at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. Still, he calls upon other cloners to monitor the long-term health of their animals.

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