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Genes for butterfly wings and maintaining maleness, plus turtles meet their lizard relatives and more in this week’s news

3:45pm, July 22, 2011

Centenarian genetics study retracted
Scientists still can’t predict who will live to be 100. A study published online in Science last year claimed to have found a genetic signature of longevity, but other researchers pointed to technical problems in the data. Now, the original researchers at Boston University and colleagues have removed the suspect data and reanalyzed the results. After a new review, Science has determined that the corrected findings are not strong enough for publication and has asked the team to retract the study. The journal says there was no misconduct, and the researchers say they will seek publication elsewhere. The retraction appears in the July 22 Science. —Tina Hesman Saey


Butterfly splendor set by single gene
Heliconius butterflies paint their wings in many different patterns to mimic poisonous

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