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Juice could ward off cancer in smokers

3:25pm, September 7, 2004

From Philadelphia, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society

Although citrus products confer numerous health benefits to the population as a whole, a new study shows that citrus is a particularly wise dietary choice for smokers. According to researchers at the University of Hawaii's Cancer Research Center in Honolulu, drinking grapefruit juice every day could reduce the risk of developing cancer from smoking.

The Hawaiian group, led by Loic Le Marchand, conducted a study on 49 smokers of Asian ancestry. The volunteers smoked on average 10 cigarettes a day, were not taking any medications or dietary supplements, and generally were in good health.

The researchers put the smokers on a special diet for 6 weeks and analyzed their urine samples throughout that time. Partway through the study, the researchers asked the smokers to drink a 6-ounce glass of grapefruit juice three times a day for a week.

Soon thereafter, concentrations of naringenin—

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