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Mysteries of time still stump scientists

New book explores perception, biological clocks

7:00am, February 8, 2017
illustration of brain clock

EXPLORATION OF TIME  Time runs through the body and brain in enigmatic ways. A journalist examines these temporal puzzles in Why Time Flies

Why Time Flies
Alan Burdick
Simon & Schuster, $28

The topic of time is both excruciatingly complicated and slippery. The combination makes it easy to get bogged down. But instead of an exhaustive review, journalist Alan Burdick lets curiosity be his guide in Why Time Flies, an approach that leads to a light yet supremely satisfying story about time as it runs through — and is perceived by — the human body.

Burdick doesn’t restrict himself to any one aspect of his question. He spends time excavating what he calls the “existential caverns,” where philosophical questions, such as the shifting concept of now, dwell. He describes the circadian clocks that keep bodies running efficiently, making sure our bodies are primed to

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