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Year in review: Climate warnings heat up

Carbon emission cuts are planned

8:00am, December 15, 2014
map of collapse of West Antarctica’s glaciers

SPEED UP  The collapse of West Antarctica’s glaciers may be unavoidable, and the ice sheet’s demise could raise global sea level by as much as 4 meters, researchers reported. In recent years, the flow of these glaciers into the ocean has largely accelerated (red), which exacerbates melting. 


Climate change is here and the world is unprepared, scientists and policy makers declared multiple times in 2014. Meanwhile, researchers continued to tally the environmental fallout of rising greenhouse gas levels while searching for signs of missing heat from Earth’s surface.

In March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that the world is generally unprepared to protect vulnerable communities from outcomes such as food shortages and flooding. In April, another IPCC report suggested strategies to cool global warming’s consequences, including adopting more alternative energy sources and capturing more greenhouse gases (SN: 9/6

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