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Year in review: Global warming continues apace

Study suggests climate ‘hiatus’ didn’t exist

7:01am, December 15, 2015
ice shelves in Antarctica

CLIMATE CALAMITIES  As ice shelves on the Southern Antarctic Peninsula weaken, glaciers flow faster into the sea. Recent climate research shows major, unprecedented shifts in the global environment.

A supposed pause in global warming that has been fodder for climate change doubters never really existed, researchers reported in 2015.

The fuss began when studies showed that decades of warming appeared to have leveled off in 1998. From that year through 2012, Earth’s yearly average surface temperature increased at one-third to one-half the average rate from 1951 through 2012. This warming “hiatus,” as it came to be known, had climate scientists scratching their heads and climate doubters gloating.

In June, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that they had finally found the cause of the hiatus, and it wasn’t shifting winds or pint-size volcanic eruptions as some scientists proposed. Instead, small biases and gaps in temperature data had

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