Horned dino aside, here are some other fun fossil finds

illustration of fossil bird

A tiny Enantiornithes bird with ribbony tail feathers (illustrated here) flitted about what is now Brazil about 115 million years ago, a new fossil find reveals.

Deverson Pepi

If that crazy horned dinoRegaliceratops peterhewsi, wasn’t enough, here are some other fun fossil finds and related dino news reported this week.

Researchers have identified Britain’s oldest sauropod (think Brontosaurus), which roamed what is now the Yorkshire coast 176 million years ago.

An analysis published June 3 in Biology Letters argues against the idea that a majority of dinosaur species sported featherlike features.

Scientists have found what appears to be Brazil’s oldest bird fossil. The avian creature was roughly the size of a hummingbird and flaunted a long, skinny tail with ribbonlike feathers at its tip. The team described the fossil bird June 2 in Nature Communications.

photo of Ashley Yeager

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