Vol. 183 No. #13
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More Stories from the June 29, 2013 issue

  1. Space

    Moon’s water may have earthly origins

    Ratio of hydrogen to deuterium suggests molecule on both orbs has a common source.

  2. Life

    Exploration forges differences in identical twins

    Mice with the same genes and surroundings diverged in brain development depending on how much they moved around their environment.

  3. Physics

    Low-energy laser makes leap toward practicality

    Researchers have created a polariton device that runs on electricity.

  4. Life

    Invasive frogs may spread deadly amphibian fungus

    African clawed frogs imported for 20th century pregnancy tests apparently communicate B. dendrobatidis to native species.

  5. Life

    Analog circuits boost power in living computers

    New cell-based computers do division and logarithms more like a slide rule than a laptop.

  6. Life

    Foot fungi a thriving, diverse community

    A skin census finds that toes and heels have the most fungal types.

  7. Psychology

    Less is more for smart perception

    Neural efficiency reigns in brains of high-IQ individuals as they view their surroundings, a new study indicates.

  8. Animals

    How roaches developed disgust at first bite

    A change in taste cells makes glucose-baited traps repellent.

  9. Life

    Response to bacterial infection depends on time of day

    Mice that got Salmonella in the evening fared better than those given the microbe in the morning.

  10. Paleontology

    Fossil muddies the origin of birds

    New specimen may be a feathered dinosaur — or the earliest avian yet discovered

  11. Health & Medicine

    Underactive thyroid ups pregnancy risks

    Several complications are more common in women with the condition, including gestational diabetes and cesarean births.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Mars trip would deliver big radiation dose

    Curiosity instrument confirms expectation of major exposures.

  13. Health & Medicine

    Easy steps limit antibiotic-resistant infections in hospitals

    Intensive care units that bathe patients and take other precautions have fewer cases of staph, a study finds.

  14. Life

    Genes weakly linked to education level

    A search of more than 2 million DNA locations in more than 125,000 people finds a weak, and perhaps dubious, association with schooling.

  15. Humans

    Couples who meet online have fine marriages

    Relationship satisfaction for Internet daters is similar to that of people who find potential partners in more traditional ways.

  16. Archaeology

    Italians taught French wine-making

    Archaeology suggests Etruscans brought the grape to Gaul.

  17. Humans

    Dietary changes accompanied human evolution

    Hominids moved toward eating grasses and away from tree leaves, according to chemical analyses of fossil tooth enamel.

  18. Health & Medicine

    Flu spreads via airborne droplets

    Hand washing goes only so far in retarding flu transmission.

  19. Animals

    Frog long thought extinct rediscovered in Israel

    Hula painted frog turns out to be the only surviving member of an extinct genus.

  20. Paleontology

    Fossil sheds light on early primates

    Partial skeleton near root of monkey, ape and human line.

  21. Quantum Physics

    Light breaks up to cloak gaps in time

    Method could hide messages without sender’s knowledge.

  22. Neuroscience

    Research prods brain wiring underlying compulsive behavior

    Complementary studies, focusing on repetitive grooming in mice, offer potential for new treatment strategies in humans.

  23. Health & Medicine

    DSM-5 enters the diagnostic fray

    Fifth edition of the widely used psychiatric manual focuses attention on how mental disorders should be defined.

  24. Science & Society

    Tim Samaras, 1957–2013

    Tim Samaras spent the past twenty years chasing tornados. He was killed in a storm in May.

  25. Chemistry

    A Tale of Seven Elements

    Eric Scerri's book tells the story of filling in the periodic table of the elements.

  26. Genetics


    Chromothripsis is the catastrophic shattering of a chromosome.

  27. Planetary Science

    Mystery Meteorite

    The case for (and against) a rock from Mercury.

  28. Physics

    Hard times for theorists in a post-Higgs world

    The Large Hadron Collider’s big success leaves no clear avenue for new physics.

  29. Animals

    In the Eye of the Tiger

    Global spread of Asian tiger mosquito could fuel outbreaks of tropical disease in temperate regions.

  30. Letters to the editor

    Invertebrate enigmas I found the recent article “Evolutionary enigmas” (SN: 5/18/13, p. 20) fascinating because I know of another example of an invertebrate animal possessing a “strictly vertebrate” quality. As a high school human anatomy and physiology teacher, I sometimes have my students test the effects of the constituents in cigarette smoke on live Daphnia […]

  31. Health & Medicine

    Balloon Clears Arteries

    Excerpt from the June 29, 1963, issue of Science News Letter.

  32. Math

    Math on Trial

    How Numbers Get Used and Abused in the Courtroom by Leila Schneps and Coralie Colmez.