Vol. 170 No. #19
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More Stories from the November 4, 2006 issue

  1. Physics

    First teleportation between light and matter

    Physicists have for the first time transmitted quantum states between atoms and light.

  2. Chemistry

    Unnatural success

    Chemists report the first synthesis of a promising antibiotic that other researchers recently discovered in nature.

  3. Planetary Science

    Jovian storm grows stormier

    Jupiter's Little Red Spot has become as strong as its big brother.

  4. Astronomy

    Galactic spider

    A Hubble Space Telescope image reveals a large galaxy in the early universe assembling from the merger of smaller ones.

  5. Nicotine during rat youth primes brain for harder drugs

    The addictive ingredient in those cigarettes in the schoolyard could prep the brain for reliance on illicit drugs.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Pain follows cycle

    Estrogen fluctuations during a woman's menstrual cycle may change her perception of pain.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Insulin can protect diabetic brains

    Staying on top of diabetes treatments may prevent some of the brain atrophy and cognitive deficits that typically accompany the disease.

  8. Mom’s caffeine harms pups’ brain cells

    Rats born to mothers who drank caffeinated beverages throughout their pregnancies had abnormal brain-cell function.

  9. Ecosystems

    Worthless waters

    The biological riches of the oceans will be spent within decades if current trends continue.

  10. Astronomy

    A Swarm of Umbrellas vs. Global Warming: Astronomer thinks small to save Earth

    A trillion miniature spacecraft could provide a giant sunshade for Earth, significantly reducing global warming.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Helping Hands: Brief rehab method aids arm activity after stroke

    Stroke survivors who have difficulty using an arm or a hand experience lasting mobility gains after completing an unusual 2-week rehabilitation program.

  12. Materials Science

    Dribble Quibble: Experiments find that new basketball gets slick

    According to preliminary results from a study at a physics lab, a new basketball for professional players bounces less elastically, veers more when it bounces, and becomes more slippery when damp than does a leather ball.

  13. Health & Medicine

    L’Chaim: Wine compound lengthens mouse lives

    A constituent of red wine appears to increase the life spans and boost the well-being of mice that haven't followed the healthiest of lifestyles.

  14. Earth

    Flow West, Young River: Ancient Amazon ran opposite today’s route

    The forerunner of the mighty Amazon ran from east to west, a new analysis of rocks laid down by that ancient river suggests.

  15. Astronomy

    Rejuvenating Observatory: Green light given for space telescope repairs

    NASA this week gave the go-ahead for a shuttle crew to refurbish the Hubble Space Telescope and to install new detectors that would vastly improve its capabilities.

  16. Health & Medicine

    Abated Breath: Serotonin problems may contribute to SIDS

    Babies who die of sudden infant death syndrome show abnormalities in the regulation of the chemical serotonin in their brains.

  17. Health & Medicine

    The Cancer of Dorian Gray

    By studying mice that have been engineered to carry mutations in certain tumor-suppressing genes, researchers have identified a link between cancer and aging.

  18. Humans

    Ballot Roulette

    In the midst of rapid change in voting technology, researchers are finding causes for concern as well as inventing new equipment and schemes to improve the accuracy and integrity of elections.

  19. Humans

    Letters from the November 4, 2006, issue of Science News

    Twisted logic? I have a question concerning “The Sun’s Halo in 3-D” (SN: 8/19/06, p. 120). It says, “As the sun rotates, its polar regions make a complete circle in about 34 days, compared with the 25 days required by its equator.” I was wondering how it’s possible to have two points on a rotating […]