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Researchers find early autism signs in some kids

Certain symptoms can identify 14-month-olds who will develop the condition by age 3

8:45am, March 12, 2010

BALTIMORE—Some infants headed for a diagnosis of autism, or autism spectrum disorder as it’s officially known, can be reliably identified at 14 months old based on the presence of five key behavior problems, according to an ongoing long-term study described March 11 at the International Conference on Infant Studies.

These social, communication and motor difficulties broadly align with psychiatric criteria for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder in children at around age 3, said psychologist Rebecca Landa of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. In her investigation, the presence of all five behaviors at 14 months predicted an eventual diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in 15 of 16 children.

“That’s much better than clinical judgment at predicting autism,” Landa noted.

Her five predictors of autism spectrum disorders among 14-month-olds at high risk for developing this condition include a lack of response to others&rsquo

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