SSP’s new leader has a habit of making things happen

Maya Ajmera takes the helm as president, CEO of Society for Science & the Public

Continuing a lifetime of commitment to science and education, Maya Ajmera has joined the Society for Science & the Public as president and CEO of the organization and publisher of Science News.

Ajmera’s first exposure to SSP came at the age of 17, when she was a participant in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, a competition run by SSP and now known as the Intel Science Talent Search. Later, she founded the Global Fund for Children, a nonprofit that funds innovators focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged children. After leading the organization for 18 years, Ajmera left in 2011 and subsequently held roles at Duke University and Johns Hopkins University.

Read more about Ajmera’s history and plans for the future in a profile produced by SSP, “Empowering possibility: The Society’s new leader, Maya Ajmera, has a habit of making things happen,” which appears in the October 18, 2014, issue of Science News.

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